Welcome to our Kin-nector community page, where connection and support come to life! 

This space is dedicated to showcasing the incredible local businesses that have pledged their commitment to kinship families by joining the Kin-nector program. Each listed business is not just a point on the map; they're beacons within our community, offering special discounts and heartfelt perks to those in our kinship network. 

Browse through, discover the difference they're making, and support the establishments that are helping to weave the fabric of our shared community stronger with every transaction. 

Thank you for choosing to make your purchases with purpose and for being a part of our mission to nurture the bond between local commerce and family unity.

Ultimate Air Trampoline Park

Ultimate Air Trampoline Park, the trailblazer in the Kin-nector program, has brought new heights of joy and connection to our kinship families. As the first local business to leap into partnership, Ultimate Air has been pivotal in setting the tone for community support and engagement. By offering year-round Happy Hour pricing to kinship families, they have provided a vibrant and safe space for children and caregivers to bond, celebrate, and create unforgettable memories together. Their dedicated efforts have not only given these families a place to enjoy healthy physical activity but also a respite from the everyday stresses of life. 

Kwik Kar Oil Lube and Wash 

Kwik Kar Oil Lube and Wash, by extending a steady 10% discount on oil changes to kinship families, has significantly oiled the gears of day-to-day life for those in the Kin-nector program. Recognizing that reliable transportation is a linchpin for family stability, especially for those managing the complexities of kinship care, Kwik Kar has contributed to more than just vehicle maintenance; they have invested in family wellbeing. This thoughtful discount eases the financial burden of car upkeep, ensuring that families can safely ferry children to school, attend medical appointments, and participate in community events without the added stress of prohibitive costs. 

San Angelo Whiskey Collective

San Angelo Whiskey Collective has poured generosity into the community by offering 60% discount on monthly memberships to kinship caregivers, creating a sanctuary of relaxation and fellowship. This unique gesture extends beyond the fine spirits and the warm ambiance of their establishment; it's a toast to the resilience and dedication of these families. These evenings of leisure provide a chance to unwind, engage in adult conversation, and enjoy a momentary retreat from the rigors of parenting. In doing so, San Angelo Whiskey Collective has become more than a spot for savoring whiskey; it's a haven where kinship families can recharge and connect, strengthening the community one sip at a time.

San Angelo Studios

San Angelo Studios has made a substantial impact on kinship families by offering a generous 50% discount on their flex membership for a co-working space. This initiative not only halves the cost of access to a professional work environment but also provides these families with the flexibility they often need. Kinship caregivers can now have a dedicated workspace to pursue their careers or education without the financial strain of full-priced office rent. This discount allows for a balance between work and family life, granting caregivers the ability to maintain professional development while being close to home and their loved ones. The co-working space also serves as a networking hub where they can connect with other professionals, fostering opportunities for collaboration and community building.