About Us

San Angelo Family Network is designed to increase kinship caregivers’ capacity to provide safe, stable, and nurturing homes for children.

Our services address the immediate needs of kinship families, working towards the positive permanency for the child, ensuring families receive support and increasing the quality of parenting that kinship caregivers provide.

A core value of our work is to empower, strengthen, and collaborate with kinship families. A major component of a family's resiliency is its ability to develop and mobilize relative and natural supports during times of need. Even the strongest individual requires assistance at points throughout his or her life. There is no greater resource than a family.

All services are free and available to anyone parenting a relative or fictive kin's child in San Angelo, Texas, and the surrounding area.

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San Angelo Family Network Board of Directors

Patrick Dierschke, Executive Director

Michele Dierschke, Secretary

Seth Chomout, Treasurer